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Things My Children Need to Know

It is an act of love for your family to plan ahead and have legal and financial matters taken care of in advance.  But there is more to advance planning.  What about photos, recipes, and other items important to your family?  What are the stories you wish they knew? How do you leave items for your family in an organized way?

Finding the Right Words: Discussing Next Steps with Your Loved Ones

You realize it is no longer safe for an older loved one to continue to live independently.  How do you discuss next steps and needed care while respecting their dignity and goals?

Should I Stay or Should I Go? In-Home Care vs. Assisted Living

You want to stay at home, but what steps must be taken to do that safely? How do you find quality caregivers? If it becomes a better option to move to Assisted Living, how do you find the right place and make the downsizing process easier? We discuss the decision-making process, as well as costs and resources to help.

Dementia 101: An Overview

Someone you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia.  What does that mean and what comes next? We’ll discuss the basics dementia, steps you can take to understand and help a loved one, and share valuable resources to help navigate this journey.


Senior Living Options: Where Do I Start?

There are countless options for senior living today, and many you have probably never considered.  We will discuss all of the acronyms (CCRC, SNF, MC, AL, etc.) and the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision about lifestyle and care for a loved one.


Paying for Long Term Care: Resources and Solutions

Where is the money going to come from to pay for care? This discussion reviews a variety of resources, including some not as common tools and approaches.  From long term care insurance to life-settlements, Medicare to Medicaid, Veterans Benefits to Reverse Mortgages, there are many options to consider.

The Hidden Cost of Caregiving for Businesses

Tens of millions of working Americans are caregivers at home.  From absenteeism to stress and pre-occupation, the costs to businesses are estimated to be in the 100s of billions. Proactive employers are taking steps to improve employee productivity and peace of mind through strategic resources for caregivers.

"I would like to recommend Lisa Isbell to anyone who is in search of care for a beloved senior!!.. Lisa went the extra mile in helping me search for a place for my Mom to stay... She's very genuine, sincere and knowledgeable. A++"

Dave L