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Are you a helicopter child? - the importance of this topic is growing
Are you a helicopter child? - the importance of this topic is growing

MarketWatch, a leader in trending news, picked up the Helicopter Children story written by the PBS/ reporter.

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Franchisee Stacy Marlin talks about how to avoid
Franchisee Stacy Marlin talks about how to avoid "helicoptering" your aging parents on KTBC-TV (FOX) in Austin

It is another wonderful segment positioning Senior Care Authority as an expert on the new trend of “Helicopter Children.”

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Senior Care Authority - Assisting Thousands of Families - Click here for transcript

Frank Samson, host of Boomers Today and founder of Senior Care Authority, takes on a different role and is interviewed by Marcy Baskin, Managing Director of Senior Care Authority. The company is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary in helping seniors through consultation on senior housing and a myriad of other services to help alleviate the stress on families. In addition, Samson discusses how he has expanded through a franchise model and providing these services throughout the United States and Canada.

Downsizing, Rightsizing and Sorting Through a Loved One’s Possessions - Click here for transcript

Rachel Kodanaz is a heart-minded professional helping her audiences to Embrace Life’s Challenges. Rachel has been speaking passionately to national audiences for over 20 years, addressing all aspects of change, growth, and acceptance that comes with embracing life challenges. Rachel has published numerous articles and has appeared on Good Morning America. Her books, Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time: What to do with yours or a loved one’s personal possessions, best-selling Living with Loss One Day at a Time, and Grief in the Workplace have received international acclaim.

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